Sunday, January 20, 2008

Britney Spears Purple Monster Drink

Britney Spears recently made headlines, again, after downing a cocktail called the "Purple Monster." Her version of this drink was a mixture of vodka, Nyquil and Red Bull.
A source close to the singer said the list of drugs she had taken before downing the cocktail were as follows:

1. 20 Clenbuterol diet pills
2. 18 herbal speed tablets
3. 18 Piriton anti-histamine tablets
4. 12 Vicodin painkillers
5. 10 sleeping pills
6. antacid reflux tablets
7. 1 bottle of Pepto-Bismol
8. 2 bottles of NyQuil
9. 2 bottles OxyContin painkiller
10. 10 anti-hangover drugs
11. 6 Ritalin tablets which are usually used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

A REAL Purple Monster is actually Blue Curacao, Gin, Sloe gin, Triple sec and Vodka and it's best not to use it to wash down the entire contents of your medicine cabinet.

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discotrash said...

HUH? Was she trying to wake up or go to sleep? You can't just take drugs for BOTH. no wonder she went nutz-o!